Monday, April 22, 2013

Pop! Culture

Photographer : Raymond Hartawan
M.U.A: Richard Theo 
Stylist: Kimberly Surjadi 
Models: Aldo Marcello & Michelle Sow


Makeup mood for this photoshoot embrace the graphic liner and strong defined eyebrow.

Michelle Sow photographed by Raymond Hartawan, m.u.a Richard Theo

Beauty Portfolio - Happy

Happy, my client want a look to attend her friend’s wedding party, she wants her makeup to look romantic, fresh, and sultry, but not too made up, and so she can be elegant without look like she try to outshine the bride on her wedding party.

So I did her makeup in several different shades of pink, which is her requested color, the focus was her eyes and her complexion. Her hair kept simple so she didn’t look too made up but still look elegant

Makeup Makeover Happy, by Richard Theo

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Makeup Makeover: Andhini

For this makeover, my client planned to attend a cocktail party that held outdoor, this event planned to last from late afternoon to early evening. So she wants a look that fit perfectly during that timeline, effortless, photographed well, and infused with tropical vibes.

So I gave her the Hawaiian girl look, with beach curl and coral toned coloring in her makeup, to enhance her exotic features. So she can hit the party, look stunning, but still carrying the effortless vibe.

For the evening reception, we decided to change the style, so I add a little glam and match her eye makeup to her Dress

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Makeup Makeover - Andhini by Richard Theo m.u.a

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Richard Theo Photographed by Ferry Tjhai